The Next Worst Thing​

Stuart Jones  Ruth Adatia  Dylan Jones

This is an hour-long poetry CD shared equally by the three poets.

Ruth Adatia was born and raised in Pennsylvania, she came to

Britain in 1971.

She has published one collection of poetry - 'Two into One'

(with Julie Kane) - Only Poetry Publications 1982.

Stuart Jones was born in Monmouthshire. At the time of

the recording he was living in Aberystwyth where he wrote

and taught poetry. He now lives in Swansea.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Gibson

         at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre 2004.

​Track 17 The Next Worst Thing - Stuart Jones

Track 1 The Last Summer - Ruth Adatia

Track 16 Bullying Himself - Dylan Jones

Umbrella Head​