The Sheiling Thank you

  1. Thank you (Coopey)

  2. Just to be with you again ((Coopey/Jones)

  3. Sleepyhead (Coopey/Jones)

  4. Baby won't you let me in (Coopey/Jones)

  5. Lost (Blaquire/Clarke/Jones)

  7. This world don't seem real (Coopey/Jones)

  8. Love & understanding (Coopey)

  9. Blackspot blues (Coopey/Jones)

10. Time slips away (Coopey/Jones)

11. Take me back (Coopey/Jones)

12. Crazy (Coopey)

Alan Coopey - guitar/percussion/harmonica/voice on 'Crazy'

lead vocal on 'Blackspot blues'

Dylan Jones - vocal/percussion

Steve Blaquire - bass on 7

Laura Jones - backing vocal

Simon Clarke - piano/second vocal on 'Lost'

Geert De Wilde - keyboard on 'This world don't seem real'

Umbrella Head​