The Sheiling  Shape I'm in

  1. Fear of love (Williams)

  2. Daisy Chain (Coopey)

  3. Phantasmagoria in two (Buckley)

  4. Cologne (Coopey)

  5. What price the loss (Lea)

  6. Splinter (L.Jones)

  7. For Ann in summer (Coopey)

  8. Take me down to the river (Williams)

  9. Dolphins (Buckley)

10. Comin' though (Coopey/Jones)

11. Changing tides (Coopey)

12. Voice from the mountain (Drake)

13. Song for you (Parsons)

14. Shape I'm in (Coopey)​

Alan Coopey - guitar/harmonica/backing vocal

lead vocal on 14

Dylan Jones - lead vocal

Lucy Jones - violin/backing vocal/lead vocal

and guitar on 6

Thanks to Dave Moore - whistle

Amy Sterly - bass & additional backing vocal



Umbrella Head​