The Sheiling  A touch of rain

  1.The cruel mother (trad.)

  2.The flower of magherallyo(trad.)

  3. Ambell i gan(trad.)

  4. None so steady(Coe)

  5. She's like the swallow(trad.)

  6. The night will never stay(Farjeon/Ifans)

  7. Like the touch of rain(Thomas/Jones)

  8. Clothes of sand(Drake)

  9. Across the western ocean(Coe)

10. Y gwanwyn du (Cynan/trad.)

11. Joey (Drake)

12. Let no man steal your thyme (trad.)

13. Across the great divide (Wolf)

14. Sparrows(Prior)

Ian Gulley - guitar  Dylan Jones - vocal 

Steve Blaquire - bass/fretless bass/electric guitar​

Lucy Jones - violin  Bethan Ifans - vocal​

Jerry Bloom - violin on 'The flower'​

Derek Prior - guitar/vocal/harmonica on Sparrows

Umbrella Head​